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Journal Overview

The JOAE is published biannually, in June and in December by the Faculty of Engineering, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, Sri Lanka. JOAE is an international open access and peer reviewed journal to publish high quality original research papers from the Engineering disciplines.

Following general guideline on attributes envisaged of a technical paper to be published in “Journal of Advances in Engineering” is stated as assistance to you. For a paper to be acceptable, it should generally be of value and interest to Engineers and researchers. Further, it should be contributed to the advancement of the Profession of Engineering. It should be a presentation of critical study contributing to planning, analysis, design, construction/fabrication/production, management or maintenance of Engineering developments. Both practical papers and theoretical papers are encouraged for the journal. In terms of theoretical papers, it is worth to be included a section on practical application of theory discussed or additional research areas to be pursued for effective knowledge and technology transfer. Based on the context and content of your paper, the referees assigned for anonymous review (double blind refereeing).

Further, please consider the following aspects in the process of structuring your paper:

  • Novelty or Originality of the Topic
  • Clarity of the Objectives
  • Comprehensiveness of research methodology,
  • Conclusions/Recommendations pertinent to the set Objectives
  • Quality of Language and Presentation
  • Knowledge Generation in the Area of research
  • *Strict Adherence to the Required Format (given as a single document on “Guidelines for Authors”

*If significantly deviating from the format, paper will not be accepted for review.

Please note that a technical paper intended for “Journal of Advances in Engineering” requires to be reviewed by two specialists on the specific subject or in the general subject area. If referees are of opposing views on acceptance of a paper for publication, it may be directed to a third referee by the Editor. Final decision on publication of a particular article is with the Editor and the Editorial Board.

Editor(s), author(s), and specialized proof readers will involve in proof-reading and finalizing the manuscript for inclusion in the volume. The Editorial Board of the journal assigns the manuscript to a planned volume of JOAE. Once the volume is ready, it is published online, followed by the printed version.

With Best Wishes for an outstanding paper,